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Requests for Services/Pricing

We’re happy to provide a free price quote for any of our services.  Please contact us by phone, email, or by filling out the form, below.

Preparing for Aeration

Sprinkler Heads  

We guarantee that we will not damage your sprinkler heads if they have been marked in advance.  It is very rare, however, that we hit a head, even in the many lawns where heads have not been marked.  If you do want to mark your heads in advance, you can skip those that are within eight inches of a clearly-defined perimeter.  We assume those heads are there, and we’ll avoid them.

Watering Your Lawn

Aeration is most effective if the ground is slightly moist when we aerate.  If your lawn is very dry, you may want to water a day or two before we arrive.

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I would like a free price quote for the services below:

Mow, Trim & Edge (weekly)

Mow, Trim & Edge (certain weeks only)

Please specify dates

Fertilizer, Soil Treatment


Lawn Clean-Up

Intensive Care Program

Lawn Analysis – $20.  

Fee is waived for existing customers, and will be fully credited towards any services that you ask us to perform.

Other comments or questions:

We will stop by within two business days to look at your lawn and leave a price quote at your door.  

Please call before arrival (check this box only if there are issues regarding pets or access to your yard).

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Our aerating schedule is full for the spring.  Please contact us after August 1 if you would like aeration in the fall.

Also, we are temporarily unable to take on any new mowing customers unless your lawn is immediately adjacent to one of our existing customers.  If that’s your situation, please send us an email requesting a price quote.

Thank you for considering Fiske Brothers Yardworks.  We regret the inconvenience.